STARA ZAGORA, 1, Hrishtensko Shose,
(at the segment of the ring road between the road forks for Burgas and Kazanlak, former Himcomers)
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Monday - Friday: 08:30 17:30
Saturday: 08:30 14:00
Sunday: Rest day
• Sale of new, light, freight, industrial and agro tyres;
• Dismounting, mounting and balance of all types of light, bus an jeep tyres with the most up-to-date equipment of CORGHI - Italy;
• Adjustment of front and rear axles of buses and trucks;
• Sale of wheel rims for trucks;
• Tyre repair with materials of TIP-TOP-Germany;
• Cold retreading of bus and truck tyres;
• Cold retreading of tyres for industrial machines and vehicles;
• Cold retreading of tyres for agricultural machinery.