MEDINA MED is the official representative of agricultural tires with the following brands:



Premium Segment:                 Medium Segment:               Budget Segment:


MICHELIN                               KLEBER                              TAURUS | BKT | CEAT | GTK

Medina Med offers solutions for optimizing your tire costs as follows:


1. Vehicle inspection - Determination of the current condition of the tires.


2. Recommendations and tips on the right tires for your business profile.


3. Regular tire pressure check to ensure proper tire maintenance.


4. Extending the life of your tires by:

  • Professional tire repair

  • Professional regeneration of agro tire

5. Treatment of end-of-life tires.


Medina Med offers high quality certified tire repair with materials and technology from TIP-TOP Germany with 8 companies in Europe and 30 in all the world.


Here you can see agro demonstration of new MICHELIN tires - watch video